Marketing & Media

The working group Marketing & Media is responsible for the increase in recognition of the institute, its activities and contents of work within and outside Europe. It´s target is to increase the number of members, the participants of the traffic law days as well as those of other congresses and seminars, the geographic sphere of activities as well as the effectiveness of activities of the institute at institutions and in public. This includes to determine the interest of potential participants and groups in the various European regions within the association´s purpose and to introduce them to the respective activities of the institute. For this purpose, the working group Marketing & Media ensures suitable marketing activities and public relations.

At the moment the working group consists of 13 members from 8 different countries covering the most important European regions. The members’ professional backgrounds reflect the interest groups primarily active in traffic law, particularly advocacy, insurance industry, international claims settlement service providers, automobile clubs, green-card bureaux, insurance associations as well as the academic world.

Chairman of the working group Marketing & Media is Holger Backu, deputy chairwomen is Hélène Béjoui-Hugues.


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